[sf-lug] Scant meeting notes of 6/5/2022 and something mildly interesting

Ronald Barnes ron at ronaldbarnes.ca
Tue Jun 7 11:22:58 PDT 2022

Michael Paoli wrote on 2022-06-06 21:21:

>> Ron BC- Discussion of DNA records -Dissatisfaction with Vancover LUG 
>> $150/yr membership
> Uhm, no, not quite.  The matter mentioned/discussed was $150 (CAD I
> presume) spent for meeting space for one meeting - of questionable
> value for the spend, space, attendance, and what was/wasn't done
> at the meeting.
> Membership appears to be $20.00 CAD / yr.

This is all correct.

Although one may get lucky and be double-billed for yearly membership.

 > More microphone problems for me.

Bobbie - that's 2 meetings in a row.

Are you having hardware problems, or is it an obscure distro with poor 
audio support?


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