[sf-lug] Reminder: TOMORROW!: BALUG: meeting: Tu 2022-05-17 Dynamic DNS (DDNS), presented by Michael Paoli; & other BALUG News

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jun 3 13:21:49 PDT 2022

Quoting Ronald Barnes (ron at ronaldbarnes.ca):

> >o Pros/cons - why would/wouldn't one want to?
> Any chance of elaboration on this point?
> I'm thinking of a pro: ability to "ssh thinkpad" without /etc/hosts
> entries and not needing to remember / statically assign IP
> addresses?
> Can't think of any cons off the top of my head.

Note that you don't _need_ Dynamic DNS to do that.

Pretty much any DHCP server, you can assign a "pseudo-static IP',
where any time the DHCPd sees a lease request from a pre-specified 
MAC address (yours), it'll always issue the same IP from a reserved
range of numbers.

At that point, the /etc/hosts approach will make your machine reachable
-- any time it's on that network.

For that matter, a lot of DNS software for home use will do "stub zones" 
of local names.  Examples:

(Probably, some other packages on that page will also do "stub" zones,
but I haven't thoroughly researched that ability as I don't use it.)

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