[sf-lug] alternatives to google bookmarks

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Sep 16 22:10:21 PDT 2021

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu):

> I used to just keep all my bookmarks in what was essentially a
> HTML file - that kind'a grew out of a logical extension of how
> Netscape Navigator stored bookmarks many moons* ago.

GMTA.  ;->

I'm actually just about to create a file of handy links to interesting
sites for my mother-in-law Cheryl, will serve it from my Web server, 
and set her Web browser home page to there.

> And, if Google is shutting down their service - best to backup and save that
> data ASAP

Further to that, I keep seeing people getting hosed in various ways when
some (usually free of charge, but sometimes not) "service" gets shut
down, and the user belatedly realises (1) he/she has no backups and
(2) he/she has no idea how to migrate the hosted data to somewhere else.

Gosh, folks, welcome to Hosting 101.  Pretty much the very first two 
questions you should research and answer on Day One of your hosting
arrangement are:

1.  If $SERVICE goes permanently offline right now, do I have a safety

2.  If $SERVICE announces it's shutting down in a week, do I have a
tested migration plan to somewhere else?

This issue also concerns LUGs in addition to individuals, e.g., the ones
caught napping when it turned out their ISPs aren't cooperative with 
giving the full history of the LUG mailing list (BALUG at Dreamhost, if
memory serves), or ones that ignore years of pleading to do mailing list
backups (SF-LUG).

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