[sf-lug] alternatives to google bookmarks

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 15 03:09:46 PDT 2021

> From: "Christian Einfeldt" <einfeldt at gmail.com>
> Subject: [sf-lug] alternatives to google bookmarks
> Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021 01:15:14 -0700

> Google is shutting down its google bookmarks service. Anyone have thoughts
> as to alternatives? I like the fact that I can access my bookmarks from any
> computer, as I travel around a lot to different computers, and would like
> to continue to have that kind of access everywhere. I also like that google
> bookmarks is easily searchable. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

I used to just keep all my bookmarks in what was essentially a
HTML file - that kind'a grew out of a logical extension of how
Netscape Navigator stored bookmarks many moons* ago.

I still sort'a kind'a do that.
The work goop, I put 'em in an HTML file, and set that as my "Home" page
for the browsers I use.  Not exactly a huge number of bookmarks, and doesn't
change that frequently - so I find it quite manageable, and works with  
browsers I use.  It also gets backed up, right along with the other stuff I
do backups of from my work laptop.

The non-work stuff is bit more of a semi-mess ... but not to bad.
The older stuff I still have in HTML file(s), the less ancient stuff I
have within flat ASCII text file.  "Some day" I'll probably consolidate 'em
into something that remains local and gets backed up by me, but that I can
also manage more easily and also retain history - but in the meantime what
I've got presently still works "good enough" for me so no great urgency
to change it.

Oh, and one more advantage to having them in local HTML file(s) - also
very handy for local file: URLs.

And, if Google is shutting down their service - best to backup and save that
data ASAP ... can probably always also back it up closer to shutdown - notably
if one is still actively changing or adding to it - but I'd be inclined to
get at least recent copy of that data ASAP ... and probably sanity check it to
to see that it at least likely contains all the relevant data.

*roughly 276 lunar cycles or so ago.

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