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Wed Sep 15 09:15:33 PDT 2021

Seconding this (assuming you use firefox). Firefox sync is FOSS, client-side encrypted*, and works across Android Firefox and Linux Firefox. It even works with non-official builds of Firefox (Android f-droid and Linux-distro-specific), in my experience. Also can sync settings and passwords (there are checkboxes).

* there's some controversy about the setup process pulling some code from mozilla however, but that's still better than most alternatives.

> On 09/15/2021 4:12 AM Ronald Barnes <ron at ronaldbarnes.ca> wrote:
> Christian Einfeldt wrote on 2021-09-15 1:15 a.m.:
> > Google is shutting down its google bookmarks service. Anyone have 
> > thoughts as to alternatives? I like the fact that I can access my 
> > bookmarks from any computer, as I travel around a lot to different 
> > computers, and would like to continue to have that kind of access 
> > everywhere. I also like that google bookmarks is easily searchable.
> I'd check out Firefox's sync service.
> Disclosure, I haven't looked at it myself, but am considering it for 
> accessing bookmarks across computers (and mobile).
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