[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting on Sunday September 5th. 2021? + a little news...

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Tue Aug 31 16:44:56 PDT 2021

Hi LUGers,

     Someone proposed shortly after the last meeting that since the next
meeting was scheduled for Labor Day weekend we not have it.

     Since then Covid -19 Delta variant has surged.

     If we have a meeting in September I suggest it be at

     If no one wants to bother that is fine with me but
most certainly I will not be making it to the Cafe Enchante
on Labor Day Weekend.

     In further information last week Linux was 30 years old.
I have a copy of the original message Linus posted on Usenet,
anyone wants to see it let me know.  Linux was a good coder
but poor prophet.

     Linux Lite version 5.6 is out.  This may be the best of the
Ubuntu based distributions and is like Xbuntu with a power
up.  It is on Distrowatch and at least this afternoon the
torrent is not working but regular download does fine.

     Kernel 5.14.x has been released among other changes
and improvements it has a new AMDGPU driver and changes
to the code to permit easier use of the latest AMD cpus.

     If no one replies I may not be at the jit.si meets on
Sunday the Fifth of September from 11 AM to  1 PM.

     Bobbie Sellers - out and back to RL struggle.

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