[sf-lug] Audacity brouhaha, the Flintstones meta distro

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Fri Jul 9 11:23:17 PDT 2021

aaronco36 writes:
> Besides Bobbie S's SF-LUG post at [01] with the link to 'Audacity is now a
> Possible Spyware, Remove it ASAP' [2], there are now also at least these
> webpages concerning the current ongoing brouhaha with Muse's Audacity:

One thing I haven't seen mentioned (admittedly I haven't spent a lot
of time chasing it down -- I don't edit sounds very often, so it's
not an urgent matter to me) is what the major Linux distros are doing.

- Is the audacity package that's currently in the $distro repos

- Has $distro chosen a spyware-free fork to use in future packaging?

- Do the major distros all agree on which fork to use?

My personal concern is mostly for Debian and Ubuntu, but I hope all
the distros will end up settling on the same fork.


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