[sf-lug] SF-LUG Meeting Notes for Sunday July 4th, 2021, preview of Linux Pro #249

John jstrazza at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 4 16:13:59 PDT 2021

So noted, I was at a Charity event and could not make the meeting.  I do plan on seeing Bobbie and others at cafe enchanters 8/1


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> On Jul 4, 2021, at 3:23 PM, Bobbie Sellers <bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com> wrote:
> Hi LUGers,
>     Well we had a small but fairly good Meeting, both
> Virtually and in Person with Tom Lopes at Cafe Enchante.
>     Tom was alone at Cafe Enchante aside from other
> guests.
>     I woke up ready to go back to sleep and got some
> extra time in before the meeting and after my breakfast.
> Some issues with my video camera lead me to reboot.
> Later I would try to use my discrete video camera on
> the workhorse 6540.   But the camera came up on
> the 7450 after the reboot and it is easier for me to
> work there during meetings
>     While I was fussing with the camera Michael Paoli
> had started working on a couple of different web sites.
>     John S. has his surplus computer listed on the
> Bay-Lug site I believe and among other other Michael P.
> things added some Dell URL to let people have
> easy access to information to add decision making.
>     Ken S. was there when I got the camera functioning
> and I resolved one set of aucio problems. Ken relates
> that he recently tried Rocky Linux the vaunted CentOS
> replacement but without a gui.  He intends to load
> a Desktop environment.  Maybe he will be
> kind enough to give us a assessment of the
> Rocky Linux shortly.  He took off about 12:30.
>     A bit before 11:30  AM  Tom Lopes signed
> into the meeting from the luxurious Cafe Enchante.
> He was able to maintain a good connection until
> we decided to leave at nearly the same time.
>     Tom and I discussed briefly POP!_OS which hides its
> checksums in the Install Instructions.
> I would be careful to read the instructions and copy
> the checksum to a file if I was at all interested in
> using a Ubuntu with additions to the Gnome desktop.
> The changes are supposed to improve performance
> and usability but it looks like more of the hide
> functionality from the users bit to me.
>     Well I don't know if Tom downloaded it thru the
> Distrowatch site or not?  Tom if did something with
>  POP!_OS please let us kow.
>     For those who are unaware POP!_OS was created
> for and by System 76 a company that sells a wide line
> of Linux Computers.
>     Tom also was kind enough to ask me about PCLinux
> and to differiate between the titled 2021.06 iso files.
>     Darkstar is the smallestbut still has everything the
> average user needs but with KDE's Plasma 5 in a Dark
> theme.
>     pcinuxOS64-kde5-2021.06 has a few more items
> than Darkstar but with a lighter choice is background.
>     pclinuxos64-kde5-magnum-2021.06 has packages
> I had never heard of before when I started using the
> system.  Nearly every possible interest is catered
> to in the Magnum edition.
>     What you do not have can usually be found via Synaptic
>  which can be tuned to give you the latest kernel.  If you need
> a specific program to run then ask in the PCLinux Forum
> where we have a Software request center where you can ask
> the creator of the iso files for new software to be added to
> the repository.
> <https://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php> is the home
> page for the Forum and if you go there you can look around
> and from there you can click on [MAIN] on the right side of
> the page to go to the page from which you can download iso
> files from the repository of KDE, Mate, and XFCE choices of
> DE and from the Community repository of various other DEs,
> via torrent or http download.  You can also download copies
> of the Newsletter via the Main page.
> If you want to participate you can register for free at the
> Forum.  You will see more requests to donate if you participate.
> Donations of money and of time help support this distribution.
>     John D.  Logged on late to the Meeting and seemed to be
> talking to Michael P.  He said he was calling from outside
> San Francisco
>     About 1:06 PM Tom and I decided to leave the meeting.
> If John D. and Michael continued the conversation in a useful
> manner please let us know.
>     Now I would add a precis of the current Linux Pro magazine
> for the August issue #249 but I am too tired to do that so I will
> give you the URL to a*preview* which is brighter and more colorful
> than my mailer will produce.
> Preview Issue
> <https://www.linux-magazine.com/Issues/2021/249?utm_source=LMI+preview&utm_campaign=Issue+249+%2F+August+2021_2021-07-02&utm_medium=email>
> If you want a print copy of the magazine you can pick one
> up at the home of fine and very expensive Chocolate as well
> as many magazines, greeting cards, blank books and novelty
> items  which is located on Market Street East of 1st Street
> *FOG CITY NEWS and they have an email newsletter.*
>    Now the next San Francisco LUG meeting will be
> held for in person attendance at the Cafe Enchante on
> August 1, 2021 from 11 AM to 1 PM and virtually via
> <https://meet.jit.si/sf-lug.org> at the same time.
>    I fully intend if alive to be there.
>    Bobbie Sellers
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