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Sun Oct 1 18:28:06 PDT 2017

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Quoting Norma Harrison <normaha at pacbell.net> from reference[1]:

> I have a specific problem.  Through a series of needs and requests
> I've got linux - I guess - on my other computer. A couple of years
> ago I had it working as I needed it.  Now, I can't get the sound.
> I could get it if it were the other system - is that Windows, ?
> well anyway - I need someone to walk me through tapping whatever
> it is on this system that shows I have Ubuntu, to get the sound,
> again.  I am much debilitated - can't really get around with the
> computer - although I suppose I'd try and make it someplace not
> far - the Berkeley site - if it can't be done by phone.

Hi Norma and possibly others interested as well,

IMHO, I hope you will consider attending this upcoming Sunday October 
8th's BerkeleyLUG meetup in Downtown Berkeley to get some live, in-person 
assistance with your specific sound problem. IIRC, I think you last 
dropped by the BerkeleyLUG meetup when it was formerly held at Bobby G's 
Pizzeria ~2yrs ago. As described at reference[2], we've moved to 85c 
Bakery at 21 Shattuck Square just across the street East of Bobby G's.

Yours truly posted a BerkeleyLUG mailing-list reminder of the exact 
location before the last meetup, as follows:
~~~~~ quoting ~~~~~~~
85c Bakery is located at 21 Shattuck Square in Downtown Berkeley; the 
Southeast corner of Shattuck and University.  The BerkeleyLUG meetup 
notice is also listed at reference[3]. When you enter the main door(s) of 
the bakery/cafe, turn left to look for the long table that's been reserved 
for our meetup; it's on the first floor next to the East wall.

According to Googlemaps reference[4], 85c Bakery is located about ten 
minutes by car from your 1312 Cornell Ave. address, so hopefully getting 
to the BerkeleyLUG meetup wouldn't be too time-consuming for you.

The very selfsame Michael P who sent out today's somewhat more 
"technically prolific" SF-LUG postings of references [5] and [6], to my 
knowledge, almost _always_ attends BerkeleyLUG's second and fourth Sunday 
meetups.  In addition, if this helps you, I plan to attend the upcoming 
BerkeleyLUG meetup of Sunday, October 8th and bring along the HP laptop 
computer with Ubuntu's LXDE desktop installed as described in references 
[7] and [8].

Hope that you're faring as best as possible, given your debilitation.
Best regards and hope to see you at next Sunday's BerkeleyLUG meetup, 
should you decide to attend.



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