[sf-lug] Report on Meeting of Sunday June 5, 2016

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Jun 5 21:45:25 PDT 2016

     SF-LUG meeting of June 5, 2016

     I arrived about 10:55 AM having gotten
a very late start.
     Daniel G. surprised me as I was setting up
the Dell E6420 for the meeting.
Tom, Ben, John S,  Joseph P, Ken S and wife,
all, showed up shortly and we had a good meeting.
There was plenty of space and we ended up
with at least 3 tables in use.

     Daniel was intrigued by this salvaged Dell
and we talked about it for a bit.  Then we talked
about the Parts machine or the "un-salvaged" Dell.

     I ran Tiny Core on this machine for him. Tiny
Core 7.1 does well and it can be used to put
just the tools you want on a machine including
at Startup the choice of about 6 different
window managers.  Daniel was not impressed

   Tom was interested in Ben's problem
with using Quirky 8.0 Xerus64  on his laptop.
  Tom's Debian has failed on passing mouse clicks
from the mouse-pad to the computer,
his Mac Book Air.

   Ben with coaching from Daniel is installing
Xerus64 on his older HP Pavilion.  Seemed to
be doing OK.

   Ken was interested in getting rid of his Msi
netbook.  It was free here today. It seems to
have a minor display problem probably in the
connector to the display from the main part
of the computer as when the display is moved
  the fault shows up.
   Joseph P. decided to take Ken's Msi netbook

   John S. has a couple of salvaged medium tower
Dell computers in bad repair.  They need to
go to a refurbishing shop or hardware hobbyist.

   Joseph P. had returned the two magazines he
had borrowed and is  checking out the older
magazines I brought in(for ballast and to leave
at the Cafe.)
     John S. took away an older magazine featuring
a server on the DVD.

   That business settled, Ken took an interest in
Tom's problem with Debian on the Apple. no easy
solution so Tom will wait for an update.

     I booted up PCLinuxOS64 Mate of 2016.06.15
it has Linux 4.4.8 kernel.  Clean interface. But
nothing spectacular.

     I was happy to pack up but it took a little while
as the time had gotten away from me.  We left about
1:05 PM.

     Daniel gave me a ride home.

     So if I have made any errors of fact above
please let the list know ASAP.

     Next meeting will be on Monday 20 June 2016.
Expect to see a further meeting notice about the
13th of June.

     Bobbie Sellers

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