[sf-lug] WIFI set-up

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Apr 18 14:57:36 PDT 2016

Quoting maestro (maestro415 at gmail.com):

> it IS 'possible' that [blah blah]

Keyword is: 'crickets'.


Some of that got fixed because Michael Paoli stepped up to the plate and
fixed it for you-plural.  The rest of you-lot didn't lift a finger.

> >>You _could_ try learning some security, and not just Web-searching
> >>articles.
> sigh. kinda what the ORIGINAL  post is doing...


You said you were looking for ways to setup Linux distros to 'connect
securely' to them (whatever that mean) in order to prevent
'trolls/assholes from knocking you off wifi connections'.  I suggested
this wasn't the likeliest explanation for your losing wifi connections,
and general wifi flakiness would be likelier, and that the best way to
approach security with a public wifi network is treat it (like all
networks) as dangerous.

You non-sequitur countered by nonsensically asking me to prove that
'trolls/assholes from knocking you off wifi connections' was impossible
-- showing that you either didn't understand or chose to disregard the
point about Occam's Razor.  You then followed up with links to two
bizarre little articles.

And my point?  It seems likely that all you did was Web-search for

   wifi disconnected

(or something like that) and just hurl random articles onto the mailing
list without bothering to consider that _no distro setup could help_
for the indicated sorts of harrassment -- inherently.  I.e., you didn't
stop to _read_ the articles you found to ensure they were relevant to
your original query.

Thus my suggestion that you might want to learn some security, instead
of just Web-searching articles.

I've now had to explain this twice.  Odds of your getting the point?
Probably still low.

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