[sf-lug] On hearing the sounds crickets make

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Feb 1 20:42:35 PST 2015

Quoting Jim Stockford (jim at well.com):

>     I'm the listadmin, yes, never tho't differently;

Then, let's park the bit about where you suggest it made no sense for me
to expect to coordinate with you because you're nobody in particular.
You've been listadmin for a decade.

> I'm not Michael's admin.

Feel welcome to consult Michael on anything you want at any time.  I
merely asked you whether I should add Michael (and impliedly, anyone
else) to weekly distribution of the roster.  Let me know when you work
that out.

You could have spared us both all of that pointless huffing and puffing,
and just figure out (with or without other people) who should get the 
weekly roster.  But no, you'd rather waste a bunch more time, right?

>     Trying again: there is something of an ad hominem color
> to some of this thread and occasionally other threads.

You mean the bit where I mention taking no personal offence to getting
completely ignored when I ask obviously needed question and make
carefully considered suggestions on the basis of expert knowledge?
Despite the skewed standard where I give consistently the basic courtesy
that's almost never granted to me in return?  That bit?

> My sense is that this color is unpleasant for some folks.

Yeah, the bit I describe above is unpleasant for me, for example.  But
I'm going to overlook it.  Whether I'll bother to help you in the
future, on the other hand, is unclear.   The history has been
discouraging, and I cannot continue to waste effort where it keeps
achieving no results.

The only thing I'm 'hostile' to is the repeated complete wasting of my
time.  That has gotten more than old, and is long past needing to end.  

>     Please, Rick, I am not comprehensively ignoring you.

Cited specific history, going right up to the present, didn't count?

Jim, if you honestly want intensive personal handholding, and especially
if you want long discussions offlist, I think you need to hire a
consultant.   It'll be much more productive for you.

I'm not going to handhold anyone through how to assemble a valid mbox
file, either.  Figure it out, or don't -- but no 'import/export
facility' is actually necessary _at all_, since Thunderbird (like many
other common mail programs) uses mbox as its native local storage format
for all its mail.


>     Given the discussion, I'm now guessing that Thunderbird
> on my system is using the mbox format.

Et voila.

>     As to killing init, my descriptions were a stretch, I was trying
> to express the fears that a newbie might imagine.
>     Note that in that paragraph I explained that killing init has
> the effect of immediately respawning init with the same PID (1).

init explicitly ignores SIGTERM and SIGKILL.  More at:

> As to driving down, I'd offered in some message, perhaps
> for some other problem. I'm willing to drive down or up and
> anywhere else to help out. It's not for me to invite myself:

You seem to be going on a long walk to ignore the point, which I've
re-clarified several times recently.  Which gets immediately back to
what I said about repeated complete wasting of my time being the only
thing that gives rise to hostility from yr. humble correspondent.

>     I'd prefer further discussion be off-list as a matter of
> sparing the large majority of our 300+ users having to
> discard or ignore.

I am not your consultant, let alone your free-of-charge one.


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