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On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 6:12 AM, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:

> Quoting maestro (maestro415 at gmail.com):
> > are you actually stating it is totally impossible for someone to
> disconnect
> > others from a shared (or public) wifi connection (besides the admin{s} )?
> > prove it.
> Obviously, since you gave us absolutely no information to work with, you
> can claim anything you want about what happened, but no plausible
> mechanism exists for what you say, whereas wifi flakiness is common and
> well understood.
> Does the term 'Occam's Razor' ring _any_ bells?  No?
> If you're going to go with bad guesses with no plausible mechanism, you
> don't need to stop with 'trolls/assholes'.  Sunspots, swamp gas,
> chemtrails, use your imagination.
> > interesting you don't discuss how YOU configure your system(s).
> As I already said:  I just use wifi and I don't trust the network.
> Sensitive data go over SSL and SSH.  There's nothing special to configure.
> See, when I challenge you to engage with the subject, you counter with
> 'Well, _teach_ me, then', and utterly ignore what I've already said.
> > many don't join a conversation until someone is talking about
> > something that engages them.  i will only speak for myself...i'm
> > listening...
> ...but not perceptibly engaging with the basics.  Thus my point.
> > >>I'd _love_ to teach that.  It's not even difficult, and results are
> > often interesting,
> >
> > no one's stopping you.
> As I said, I'd love to teach that to people who are bothering to learn.
> > i disagree.
> But then you don't show any attempt to be in control of what your
> machine is and isn't doing.
> It's nice to bring fresh distributions to meetings and put Tux on the
> table.  But one of these years, you-plural might want to also learn a
> little about Linux.  And no, I don't mean by sitting around passively
> and expecting me to spoon-feed you.
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