[sf-lug] Late notice of meeting of January 29 Thursdau 2015

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Jan 29 00:49:27 PST 2015

Quoting maestro (maestro415 at gmail.com):

> Right now this is uncertain as there may be a new SF Linux/open source mail
> list & meet-up space going up online...

Interesting.  How are you putting this together?  I'm interested in

I was asked offlist why I didn't respond to some recent query from Mr.
Einfeldt.  Simple:  I don't see those any more.  I'm told he asked me
whether I was threatening expulsion if people disagree with me.  Of
course, that bears no resemblance to what I said.

Not sure whehter Mr. Einfeldt's misapprehension is matter of problems in
grasping nuance or is deliberate.  Fortunately, taking peaceable
measures to end hassle and time-wasteage bullshit by ensuring I no
longer see it means the difference no longer matters.

I'm happy for this and other LUGs to have mailing list presences on my
server until the heat death of the universe.  All I said was, stop
wasting my personal time with bullshit (such as Einfeldt-type
rheetoric), please, as that makes me regret my hospitality and consider
ending it.

We actually had a similar matter arise (again) in-person during
Saturday's CABAL meeting.  One of the regulars had put an uncovered
plate of my food into my microwave oven and was blandly gazing at the
oven as food was splattering all over the inside.  I stepped in, stopped
the spray of sizzling, sticky debris, and (again) scrubbed all of the
inside oven surfaces for a good 5-10 minutes, while several of the
regulars stood around impatiently waiting (and offering no help
whatsoever).  And I reminded the culprit, who's known this for years,
that he's expected to cover food dishes with plastic wrap or a paper

I turned to the small crowd and said 'You guys all have microwave ovens,
right?  When you heat meals at home, and you splatter food all over the
inside, what do you do?'  They laughed, and one of them said 'Just leave
it for whoever gets disgusted first, I guess.'

'Fair enough.  However, let me try to put this delicately.  You guys are
going to need to open a new category in your tiny little brains called
'_nice_ house', and remember that you need to behave like decent human
beings here, or I will not hesitate to trebuchet your asses straight to
the property line.'

The analogy should be clear to at least the neurotypicala among you.

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