[sf-lug] GPartEd new version out, 4Mlinux rescuekit problem and problem with checking DVDs

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Thu Jan 29 09:43:13 PST 2015

     Hi LUGgers,
         Some may be interested but if not ignore.

     The GPartEd team has turned out a new version
in 3 cpu flavors.
     Version is 0.21.0-0
     All versions run about 224 megabytes.
     CPU flavors for AMD64, i686-PAE and i586

     Easily found online, downloads quickly.

	I have i586 and AMD versions written
to disk.  I intend to have those at the meeting.
If anyone wants the i686 on a disk let me know.

	Now i believe I mentioned the 4Mlinux
iso files as well.  the titles of the iso files
are 4MLinux-11.0-allinone-edition.iso and

	I had a problem with the Rescue Kit version
which I burned to a CD in that it only starts to
boot so I learned to check the checksum of the
CDs using this command.
	$ dd if=/dev/sr0 | md5sum

	Now curiously enough both the working allinone disk
and the RescueKit which fails both have the proper checksums.
But while the allinone version gives me a robust environment
with good tools the RescueKit gives me the following.
The rescuekit seems to have a problem with my system.
it prints Booting then with the following, stops.

     ISOLINUS 3.82 2009-06-09 Copyright (C) 1994-2009 H.Peter Anvin et al

	This has been reported to the publisher and he claims no other
failures and advises to do what I have already done.  I hope someone
will bring their laptop along so I can determine if it works on
other  machines.

	/dev/sr0 is my optical drive, other
folks may have other designations.

	Finally using that dd if=/dev/sr0 | md5sum
I tried to checksum some of the working DVDs I have
on hand.  No luck with them as the checksum they
produce is different from that supplied with the iso
	So how to change the command so that I can
properly do checksums on DVDs?

	Thanks for your attention.


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