[sf-lug] has ubuntu caused me to regress in wifi features?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jul 29 11:38:19 PDT 2013

Quoting Michael Shiloh (michaelshiloh1010 at gmail.com):

> Sorry!

No problem.  I figured it'd be easiest to ask, because the T61p came
with any of four different wireless cards in its PCIE slot.

> I'm a little confused as to the role of iwl4965 and iwlegacy. I
> thought they were both drivers. Why do I have both?


    iwl3945 and iwl4965 are modules produced by the iwlegacy Linux
    kernel driver, supporting Intel 3945ABG/BG and 4965AGN wireless LAN
    devices. These devices were formerly supported by the iwlwifi driver
    (iwl3945 and iwlagn modules) until Linux 2.6.3

That's from http://wiki.debian.org/iwlegacy .

http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/iwlegacy doesn't list AP
Infrastructure mode (what you were calling Master mode as among the
capabilities of these Intel chips with these drivers.  My _recollection_
is that the Intel chips never supported AP Infrastructure mode, only
Station (client) and Ad-Hoc modes.  I could be wrong, but I distinctly
remember that AP Infrastructure mode is one reason some people favoured
Atheros-based chips over Intel ones at the time.

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