[sf-lug] Recommendations for home Internet

Romel Jacinto penguin at techbandit.com
Sun Dec 2 19:42:08 PST 2012

I've been using Sonic.net for 3.5 years and have been quite happy with 
them. However there are a few things you should be aware of.

1. Sonic is focused on their Fusion service, voice + broadband.
Legacy DSL (DSL on AT&T phone lines) is only available if your location 
doesn't qualify for Fusion.

2. Modem rental is mandatory. There is no option to purchase a modem.
Long thread here:

3. Fusion voice - Call Forward No Answer is not available. Regular call 
forwarding is available.
This feature allows the phone to ring at home and if not answered within 
a number of rings, will forward to another line. It's great for 
"follow-me calling".

4. Ported numbers to Sonic remain listed or unlisted as they were prior 
to porting.
In other words if you're porting a number over make sure it's listed or 
unlisted BEFORE you port.
New numbers are unlisted.

That said I'm happily using their Legacy DSL and am hoping that their 
features with Fusion will continue to evolve and at some point will 
switch over.


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