[sf-lug] [JOB POSTING] Linux System Administrator, Berkeley, $55K +

Paul Ivanov pi at berkeley.edu
Fri Oct 12 15:14:15 PDT 2012

jim, on 2012-10-12 11:21,  wrote:
> Responsibilities:
> • Support internal development and QA environment
> • Install and maintain Linux and other software packages
> • Specify and maintain computers, networking hardware, machine room 
>   infrastructure, phone system, etc.
> • Design, deploy, and administer state-of-the-art research clusters, 
>   including GPGPU nodes
> • Design and enhance monitoring systems for production equipment 
>   and research clusters
> • Configure, tune, and maintain PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, 
>   as data warehouses and in production environment
> • Propose new technologies to address specific business needs
> Qualifications:
> • Experience managing remotely hosted production systems
> • UNIX guru, especially Linux; other UNIXen including Mac OS X a plus
> • Scripting language skills (Python, bash, shutils, etc)
> • Experience with research computing / hybrid CPU-GPU clusters a plus
> • Experience with large-scale, real-time, concurrent systems a plus
> • Experience with distributed data systems (Hadoop, Cassandra, Riak, 
>   GridSQL, etc.) a plus
> • Background in financial systems a plus
> • Live in or near Berkeley; be willing to come in occasionally at 
>   odd hours 
> Benefits include 401k, health/vision/dental insurance with employer 
> contribution, plus vacation.  Compensation starts at 55k+bonus. 
> Interested applicants are encouraged to send a cover letter and 
> resume to working at voleon.com

potential curmudgeon warning: Because this is a publicly archived
list, and I believe that people ought to be paid what they're
worth, and this seemed like an outrageously low salary given the
set of qualifications and responsibilities, I wanted to respond.

According to salary.com, the median sys admin salary in the
Berkeley area [1] is $82K, with only 10% of sys admins making less
than $62K. The proposed salary is barely in the lowest 10th
percentile *nationally* [2], and that's before making any
deference to the much higher-than-average cost of living in the
Bay Area.

The posting on voleon.com for this same position states:
"Benefits and compensation are highly competitive" and I just
wanted to point out, in case the folks over at valeon.com were
not aware, that this is actually not the case.

1. http://swz.salary.com/SalaryWizard/systems-administrator-Salary-Details-94720.aspx
2. http://www1.salary.com/systems-administrator-Salary.html

Paul Ivanov
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