[sf-lug] SF-LUG meeting today August 5, 2012

Bobbie Sellers bliss-sf4ever at dslextreme.com
Sun Aug 5 16:03:31 PDT 2012

Hi SF-LUGgers,

     Well again the next meeting is about two weeks from tomorrow
so I am sending in an early report in case details get lost again.
     I arrived via the #38 Geary and got to the Cafe Enchante about 1045 
and had
gotten my Presario set up and secured a decaf drink for myself then the 
rest of
the Sunday Group showed up.

     Ken Schaeffer and wife,  John Strazziano and wife (who was working 
on a
tablet or smart phone). Jim Stockford and myself.  Ken tried out a USB 
flash drive
with Ubuntu setup on a flash drive on my behemoth then we tested its 
briefly but he had set it up with  the Broadcom wireless driver so we 
had trouble
getting it to go online.

     John brought his iPad II in a cool looking case from Ballistic 
which provides hard
protection for the screen and case.  Jim brought a tale of problems with 
his tower
installed with AVLinux which has several problems.  I think Ken and John 
him some useful input.   I have my computer setup to notify me of Port Scans
and one was attempted as I was rebooting from Ubuntu.

     I showed Ken and Jim a few  tricks I can do with the firewall thru the
Mandriva (or Main) Control Center which lets the root user access the 
  and software and which let me set up with about 5 clicks a firewall 
after that
port scan had been executed on my machine.  And it was repeated.  Maybe
someone had a virus that was trying to spread thru the local WiFi.

   I really like this feature of Mandriva i.e. MCC which is also 
available on Mageia.

   Because Jim, Ken and John had a lot to talk about  we stayed until 
about 1:30 PM.
Jim gave me a ride  home.

     I thought despite the size it was an excellent meeting.

     Bobbie Sellers

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