[sf-lug] Remedial civics: Charter schools are private schools (was: computer work at a public school this Saturday)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jul 27 14:06:59 PDT 2012

Quoting Christian Einfeldt (einfeldt at gmail.com):

> Rick and I have a difference of opinion.

No, we do not.

> Neither Rick nor I have misrepresented a fact.

No, sir.  

You have misrepresented a key fact, repeatedly and consistently, despite
the facts of the matter having been proved to you conclusively -
including in today's Subject header, which I just fixed AGAIN.  You
have done this to the detriment of the local Linux community, to whom
you owe (1) ceasing that bullshit, and (2) an apology.

> Rick, are you saying....

Cease the bullshit, Christian.  You've already been shown the corporate
registration and incorporation papers.  You've been shown that the
school is NOT (contrary to your repeated assertion) accountable to the
San Francisco Unified School District.  It's a private school BY

The main thing that makes it different from other private schools (such
as Menlo School and Princeton University, which I attended) is that it
sucks public tax money away from the public schools.  

You are now claiming the fact that it sucks public tax money away from
the public schools (i.e., is a charter school) makes it a public school.
Sorry, doesn't work that way.

Doubling down on chutzpah when you have been caught misleading people is
not the way to get ahead.

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