[sf-lug] filesystem for a 3TB external USB drive

Ian Sidle ian at iansidle.com
Mon Jan 2 16:11:45 PST 2012

> It's a general-purpose *ix OS with a GNU userspace atop a Solaris
> kernel. 

Well, it is kindof both - there is the Nexenta "core" that is free & OSS and then there is the http://nexentastor.org/ which is freeware-ish up to 18TB and then licensed above it (or if you want the extra support). 

I like it because it is has the debian package system and GNU userland tools vs straight-up Solaris, but it only has a few hundred packages vs the thousands that debian has (and technically is based on Ubuntu, but it doesn't use any of the UI stuff from it, as far as I can tell).

I've played with the storage one and the interface is pretty slick. It's somewhere between a basic NAS and a "network appliance" type of product. It integrates pretty well with Windows and even the "Previous Versions" feature works with ZFS snapshots over the (now) kernel-based CIFS server.  For more advanced stuff, you can SSH in and make changes the old fashioned way as well. 

There is also the free http://www.napp-it.org/ interface, which you can run on the core for something that is 100% OSS. In some ways it has more features in some departments and less then others than the NexentaStore product, but it's still "beta" and will take a while before the interface is made pretty. 

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