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On "All Things Considered" the other day, they had a conversation between two 
"Intelligent" computers, I forget the day and segment. They were snarky and 
bitchy to each "other". They learned from humans quite well.

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Some of the Python-oriented among you may appreciate the following links to 
projects (which I discussed briefly with Jim at today's meeting).

GAIuS - General Artificial Intelligence using Software


A framework for developing intelligent agents.  Aside from being founded on what 
I consider to be a very good base (in terms of assumptions and approach, e.g. 
use of model-free methods), it abstracts away the need for the developer to even 
understand what it's doing under the covers.  The idea is that a developer only 
needs to understand the domain in which they are working well enough to model it 
within the framework's api/context (which is basically understanding the range 
of inputs and desired outputs), not how artificial intelligence or machine 
learning work.

Tornado web server


Employs a rather unique single-threaded model that is reputed to be really, 
really fast.  Looks pretty simple to use.  I haven't used it yet, but heard 
about it from someone who has used it in a production context, and had only good 
things to say for it (and the person in the second link seems pretty enthused as 
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