[sf-lug] Ubuntu 11.04

Ken Shaffer kenshaffer80 at gmail.com
Sun May 1 15:04:34 PDT 2011

On the bright side, machines like my 4.5 yr old laptop running the default
(non-nvidia) video will simply inform me that it cannot run Unity, and just
bring up the old interface automatically.
  I did play around a little with the new interface, and still prefer the
classic, but I found workspace drag and drop still worked -- just don't get
the cursor too near the edge, which seems to force the resize instead of the
move.  Or just click on the workspace icon, and all four desktops pop up,
and you can drag windows around to whichever you like.
  I think the cursor disappearing when the screensaver kicked in has been
fixed for 11.04, (broken in 10.10), so I am happy not to be forced to use
the Nvidia drivers to  prevent that.
  Unfortunately, other items like "safely remove usb" still get one
automatic remount, and the initial installation to a usb from a live usb
still writes a non-functional grub.cfg (disk letter is one too high).  These
problems have been reported as bugs, but didn't make the 11.04 release.
  I'm trying to decide which release to send to an Uncle who expressed an
interest in Linux.  10.04 is still a strong contender.
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