[sf-lug] Mobile Linux, glibc, Java

Alison Chaiken alchaiken at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 21:51:05 PST 2011

Michael writes:
> I've heard conflicting rumors about the future of devices that support Maemo/Meego.

There are 3 devices shipping right now with MeeGo (two tablets and a
set-top box).    More will be announced at Mobile World Congress
starting this weekend.    As far as I know, there will be no further
devices shipped with Maemo, although Maemo is fully open sourced and
there is nothing to prevent anyone from putting it on any device they
want, as with any other Linux distro.

> Alison, I want to help with the conference. Where do I sign up?

I recommend signing up for the meego-events mailing list:

I connect my N900 via the T-Mo "Even More Plus" plan, which is a
better deal for heavy data users than anything advertised on the
T-Mobile website.   To get EMP, you must call up and inquire for it by
name.     I learned about EMP by listening to the wonderful "Engadget
Mobile" podcast and by reading tnkgrl's website.    Connecting via
WiFi, as others have related, is no problem.    To debug your wifi on
N900, drop to shell and try a ping, or run "dmesg | grep wlan"!

> After that 3G, 4G I am not sure but I think the N900 does 3G max...

The only 4G phone on the market right now is the Sprint Evo that runs
WiMax.     There are no LTE phones yet.    The current advertising
about 4G is pure BS.     N900 runs on any GSM network (meaning T-Mo,
AT&T and overseas) and supports HSPA+, which is widely available in
the Bay Area and quite reasonably fast:


> Anyway thanks for the info, I have pondered the N900 seen on Ebay and
> considered the design but seeing that indeed it needs a hardware update.

Yes!   The N900 is 18 months old.

> Anybody upgrades, keep me in mind to buy your old N900 when the time comes
> to replace it.

When MeeGo handsets start to ship, N900s will be very cheap.

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