[sf-lug] picture organization Bill and Dog

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
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Hi to All,
That is an interesting discussion, I'm recently sorting similar problem. I've 
got lots of photos from travelling all over the world and because I'm originally 
MS-DOS command prompt enthusiast, recently terminal newbie (but happy one) I was 
working with photos organising just on the "fily system" level until now.

I'm using already described system of key folders like "usa_2008", "cuba_2009" 
and within each, more directories from events/trips which I remember and which 
are distinct. I'm naming each file which makes it through selection as 
"cold_swimmers_iceberg_fishing_valdez_alaska_fa04072009.jpg" I generally go in 
the description from exact action to general activity, location and date. Now 
the problem which was described in the thread already is, what shall I do if I 
want to make a new presentation, I want to find 5 pictures of see horizon in my 
databases and I do not want to go folder through folder, file name by file name. 
Is there some way or system, how to keep my naming style as I've described it 
and being able to quickly find the key words in the names of interest. Would 
terminal "find" or whatever else work best, some other options? Preferably no 
database involved, terminal would be best because it can work on multiple 
platforms and it is independent.



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What if what you want is the one picture of Bill and the Dog together and it has 
been a year since you have seen them ? 

The only problem I have with your making the copies is if I decide I am doing 
something with the picture and I want to clean it up. But links have problems 
too (hard or soft ? either way can cause problems) . If you have a separate db 
then you pick the picture from either set, it points to the same file, so 
editing is ok.  I still put copies in favorites folders though.

If there is some way to intersect the two categories so as to select items in 
both categories only when desired then that is good. A smart program given solo 
picture of each of bill and a particular dog finding pictures of them together

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 7:35 PM, Mikki McGee <mikkimc at earthlink.net> wrote:

Hi all;
>(  I deleted the messages, and decided then to give the obvious answer.  )
>I have no problem with that "Bill and Dog" situation.    If Bill is more 
>important than the dog, I save with Bill. If the dog is more important, I save 
>with dog.  If Bill and Dog are equally important, I copy the picture and save it 
>twice.   As very few pictures are so, I add very few megabytes.  And as all 
>files are backed up routinely, and often the backed up files are deleted from 
>the main hard drive, it is little problem.  
>    My system does let me use the directory as its own index, so I can run down 
>from /document  to .../dog quite easily, and find the dang thing quicker than 
>whistling (which rarely works.)  Dog is a dog, after all.
Are all dogs the same for you ? 

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