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Thu Jan 6 16:10:31 PST 2011

Re: Good Thing: "live CD" can be in the form of a "live dingle-dangle USB device"? Because netbooks generally don't have CD drives. Also, external CD drives in this neck of the woods are rare/ sketchy/ from the punkrock era.

Re: Better Thing: Netbook Remix seems to adversely affect the mic on my model.

Re: SF-LUG meetings: Sorry, no can do, jim. I  live not in SF, but in the land that knows no cypherpunks... but where huckleberries and black chanterelles do grow. Mendocino to SanFrandiculous is an all-day affair, 'specially in the summer when it's mandatory to stop off at the local swimming hole... and then there're all those wineries you have to do taste-by procedures... gah, not to mention the fruit stand that pulls you over and forces you to purchase entire lugs of heirloom apple varieties. But you are welcome to come up and visit! We have an extra futon in the Shibby Shack, and we just built-out a ceramics studio adjacent... you could come for a holiday and P.S. bring a Live CD and while you're at it, being so kind and capable, you could oversee the rewiring of the electric kiln, maybe switch out some heat coils and kick the thermocoupler into shape. 

Re: Noisebridge Kickbacks: Yes please. Send me the shrubbery! P.O. Box 941, Mendocino, CA, 95460

Re: Which Distroteca?: I've used Ubuntu lots and lots. I ran Hardy Heron on my still-gasping linux box. I have, back when pterodactyls still cavorted, used Fedora Red Hat, and have had a brief foray into the land of the Debian culture. I'm not leet enough to withstand the darkness, and prompt-command is beyond my ken. Arch? Madriva? not familiar.

Re: People Who Hang Out with Me: The hippies up here still cling to their 70's lifestyle out between the redwood trees. I help /them/ subscribe/ unsubscribe to a listserv, and, for gracious sakes, SIGN INTO THEIR EMAIL. A different technoculture. It's a wonder we use wifi, what with all the tin hatters quarreling about which frequency affects them more: Wi-Fi or the fracking Pigs, Greed, and Extortion Smart-Meters. Of slightly more technical help: the kitten and the dog.

Re: Asheesh: is this PyClass Asheesh?


Re: jim: CLONK! (full metal hugs)

kaykaykaykaykay into the woods!
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