[sf-lug] Meetiing this evening.

jim jim at well.com
Tue Dec 21 10:54:20 PST 2010

   the yl's name is jackie, definitely a newbie. 
   she took away a few live CDs with instructions not to 
install, just try: seems safest not to load too many 
instructions on her at any one time--if she tries to 
save data, how will she find her hard disk; if she 
installs, what if the OS doesn't work with all of her 
   we're here for her, she's got some phone numbers. 

   interesting that some bootable CDs failed to boot on 
my machine (which we used to demo the process). this 
seems to happen commonly, probably a matter that 
built-in players, perhaps those on laptops, are 
slightly misaligned or become so over time. 

   i'm hoping the guys from sf city college will put 
their questions to the list (the sf-lug list is nearing 
300 members, most with opinions). 
   we told them about noisebridge: 
* linux sysadm study group tuesdays and fridays from 
  3 to 6 PM 
* linux discussion group wednesdays from 6 to 8 PM. 
  and about Bay Area Linux Events 
* and about BALUG (dinner/speaker third tuesdays of 
  the month except december) 
* they got pretty excited to learn about larry cafiero's 
  effort to set up an uber-group that may link various 
  college lugs; they want to know more. 
* i believe there's a linux group at sfu: anybody know 
  about this? 
* sameer verma is the likely point man for learning 
  about linux groups as sfsu. 
   anybody got additional info that might interest this 
new sf city college effort? 

On Mon, 2010-12-20 at 21:06 -0800, Bobbie Sellers wrote:
> Well, I showed up early and before I could do more
> than get my laptop working along came 3 guys from
> SF State who want to start a LUG, Ramon, Patrick and
> Greg.  A young woman who was in India and bought
> a laptop which was then loaded at a shop with all sorts
> of pirated softwares which seems to be the custom in
> India.  We started talking about the problems of
> installation but she was not sure of the details of her
> machine.
>      Then in came Jim and he spent a lot of time
> with the YL and then with the SF State guys talking
> about organizing a LUG.  Eric and Jeff showed up
> about 7 PM and added to the discussion.  We tried
> booting several distros on Jim's laptop but were
> not consistently successful and gave the young
> lady several Live CDs to try out and phone numbers
> to call for more help.
>      A very interesting and stimulating meeting
> even if my mind did not hang on to the YL's name.
>      later
>      bliss
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