[sf-lug] (forw) Re: THANK YOU Re: Has anyone configured a HP LJ P1006 to Ubuntu 9.04 or 6.06?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Mar 15 16:07:42 PDT 2010

Quoting Mikki McGee (mikkimc at earthlink.net):

> Some of the technicians I have chatted with say the P1006 is an
> adequate, dependable (inexpensive laser)  printer. 

It might be adequate within performance limits (see footnote) _after_
you get the barely finished software layers installed that convert
standard application print output to an "XQX" data stream.  But there's
your problem.

The words 'barely finished' should be a bit daunting:  Given that this
conversion software is so new that you're strongly recommended to fetch 
source code from the 'upstream' site and compile it, that means getting
this thing going is an advanced task.  

Only you can decide how much of your time and frustration can be
justified by such a purchase.

Me, I'd sell it and try again.  Really.   Ideally getting a really
standard laser or LED printer that can take bog-standard PCL5,
PostScript, or both over USB (and, better, also ethernet), lacks any
fine print about "host-based printing"[1] or similar lameness, and comes
with a reasonable amount of buffer memory.

[1] E.g.,
, which is part of the LaserJet P1006 specifications.  Host-based
printers omit traditional circuitry from the printer itself, and 
instead rely on offloading the work to an attached workstation. 
They are, IMO, bad news and are to be avoided.

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