[sf-lug] Adobe Flash Player Installation Inquiry on Damn Small Linux 4.4.10

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Sat Feb 27 14:44:49 PST 2010

Brian Gallagher writes:
>    1.   First, I downloaded the Adobe Flash Player 10 .tar file.   Then I extracted the libflashplayer.so file.   Lastly, I put that file into the Firefox plugin folder [ /opt/.firefox_plugins].   When I went back to the website there was no difference.
> 2.   Went back to the website and noticed this time that a drop-down
> menu appeared and said that I was missing plug-ins for the site.   I
> clicked on "Install Missing Plug-in".   Process went step-by-step where
> I downloaded and installed the necessary files but in a much more user

That "Install Missing Plug-in" thing never seems to work. I have no
idea why they haven't ever fixed it, or why they bother to include
it on Linux to sucker people into wasting their time.

I don't know about /opt/.firefox_plugins -- maybe that's where DSL
puts plug-ins, though it seems strange to have a dot in the name
of a directory in /opt -- but one thing you might try is putting
libflashplayer.so, the one you downloaded from Adobe, into
~/.mozilla/plugins (create that directory if it doesn't already
exist). That's where I usually put mine (so it works across distros
and Firefox versions, and doesn't get removed in system upgrades).

Also, after doing that and restarting Firefox, try going to
about:plugins and see if it thinks any version of flash is
installed. Much easier than testing by going to a flash page
and gives you information about version too.


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