[sf-lug] Adobe Flash Player Installation Inquiry on Damn Small Linux 4.4.10

Brian Gallagher achillspirit at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 26 17:55:30 PST 2010

Hello All,   

   I have a question about installing Adobe Flash Player.  
I have recently partitioned HD, on an IBM Thinkpad 600X, and installed Damn Small Linux (DSL)
onto my computer.   Next, I went to a website which required Adobe
Flash Player.   So I ended up doing two things.

   1.   First, I downloaded the Adobe Flash Player 10 .tar file.   Then I extracted the libflashplayer.so file.   Lastly, I put that file into the Firefox plugin folder [ /opt/.firefox_plugins].   When I went back to the website there was no difference.

2.   Went back to the website and noticed this time that a drop-down
menu appeared and said that I was missing plug-ins for the site.   I
clicked on "Install Missing Plug-in".   Process went step-by-step where
I downloaded and installed the necessary files but in a much more user
friendly fashion.   At the end, it said that Firefox needed to be
restarted for plug-in to take affect.   I restarted computer and went
back to that website but same message appeared that stated I needed to
install the missing adobe flash player plug-in.

Also to note, after I restarted the computer, I went back to the
Firefox plugin folder and looked for the original .so file I had put in
manually.   The file was no longer there.   I also noticed that some
other files I had downloaded, which were on the Desktop, were no longer
there either.

   I am thinking that everytime I restart the computer, my changes are nullified.   I am confused by this
 since I am no longer running off the LiveCD but running off an installed version of DSL.

   Any thoughts, suggestions??

Other than that, I hope that this message finds you all well and in
very good spirits.   Looking forward to hearing from you all about this obstacle.

   With much respect and thanks,

   Brian Gallagher

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