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Hi David,
What kind of work are you looking for? Are you applying directly to companies? Is your resume out there? 


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My biggest problem is getting past the HR people.  I
started programming when I was 13 and taught myself C++, Java, and html in high
school.    I graduated near the height of the .com boom and skipped
college for some great jobs that got my career started, but at my current level
in the field getting through HR is a real pain without a degree. 
I don’t have any trouble when I finally get people on the
phone, and I don’t have any trouble in my local community because I have
an established reputation here, but the urban area here just isn’t dense
enough to support much in the way of work at my level.
That’s why I’m trying to connect with the Linux
community directly from the San Francisco area.  I want to meet  some
people that can put my talent and experience to good use.

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Welcome, David.  I don't
have any specific companies in mind, but with that set of skills I don't think
you'll have too much problem finding a job (though in this market it may be a
fight to get a decent salary).

Best of luck.
On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 8:27 AM, David Hinkle <hinkle at cipafilter.com> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I'm David Hinkle.  I'm a long time Linux user and professional software
developer.  I host the Quad-City LUG every other month at the company
who's product I created and currently manage (http://cipafilter.com).  We put together usually 20-30
members for meetings and have about 120 people on the mailing list.  I've
also been involved in several open source projects and even released my own (http://bandwidthd.sf.net).

I'm interested in moving to the San Francisco area and I wonder if anybody
knows of some companies looking to hire an extremely experienced and
sophisticated Linux developer.  I have over 12 years experience working
with Linux software and am considered a guru here in the local community.
  I specialize in network enabled and communication applications.   I
have an understanding of Internet protocols down to the wire level and years of
experience manipulating protocols such as HTTP.  My primary languages are
C, PHP, bash, and Adobe Flex.

Most of the C work I have done has been in the form of a multithreaded proxy server
that manipulates the HTTP protocol in real time.   PHP, bash and Flex I've
primarily used to write web front ends for embedded devices.

Please let me know,


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