[sf-lug] experienced tech. editor and sf-lug member seeking work

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Sun Nov 29 09:14:24 PST 2009

Hi Owen,
Where have you been looking? Definitely remember to post your resume on Craigslist every 3 days. That seems to be how often the allow you to post.

Also, the economy is getting much better. Last year at this time, I had several jobs pulled out from under me. Now I'm doing bit work and getting referrals to other potential clients.


From: Owen Pietrokowsky <opietro at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [sf-lug] experienced tech. editor and sf-lug member seeking work


Thanks to sf-lug members for your recent advice on used laptops. I got my laptop working a few days ago, and it was an excellent learning experience. On a somewhat different subject, I am looking for tech. editing work. and any leads would be very much appreciated.

I have over five years of editing experience in technical and
scientific fields, including editing hardware manuals, technical
bulletins and similar materials. I have done volunteer editing on the
OpenMoko Freerunner web site. I have written summaries of scientific
talks for the Materials Research Society and edited material for
Springer Science publications. Also, I have worked with Manufacturing
and Field Service in the EDA industry.


Owen Pietrokowsky
Editor, writer 
Biotech, high-tech, linux, materials science
opietro at yahoo.com

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