[sf-lug] Towards a list of Linux consultants in the Bay Area (was: consultant?)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Nov 2 23:23:03 PST 2009

Quoting Kai Chang (kai.salmon.chang at gmail.com):

> Linux is about discourse, which is why this mailing list is so awesome.  The
> site's interface should preference those that participate in discourse.

I'm not sure which site you're speaking of, when you say "the site".

If you're talking about some site you'd like to build for the purpose
mentioned in my subject header, super!  Thanks for taking that on.

Personally, I'm just trying to (1) improve my
slightly-less-dusty-for-tonight's-content-maintenance Web page at
http://linuxmafia.com/bale/other.html to make it more useful, and 
(2) encouraging folks to consider how best to get the Polly Babcocks 
in touch with effective consulting help.

IMO, Polly's case reminds us of the existence of a large class of people
who will never "participate in discourse".  I'm not being critical of
people who say "let 'em solve their own problems", but am just asking if
there's a way to lower the bar for them.  That is, I didn't know where
to send Polly for an SF-based consultant.  It'd be nice if there were a
list, or something like that.

Thus the subject header.

> We should privilege websites with dynamic content in some way-- for instance
> an area where all consultancy blogs get aggregated (that have agreed to let
> us re-publish).  [...]

I have no idea what problem you're trying to solve, here, but good luck
to you.

> Does anyone here use MVC architecture in their sites?  What frameworks do
> you use?  Does anyone use Wordpress, Moveable Type, etc to publish?

It's possible that my thread will prove to be stillborn, but would you
mind not hijacking it by changing the subject to rampant Web-geek

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