[sf-lug] mastering CDs in bulk for Software Freedom Day

Grant Bowman grantbow at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 03:01:58 PDT 2009

This has gotten way out of hand.  After all, we are all on the same
side, trying to create progress for open source software in both
absolute and relative, effectively leveraged ways.

The "barrage" included Larry (three msgs), Christian (two msgs) and
Jim (two messages) who were NOT advocating distributing Windows discs.
 You were not "almost the sole person" nor is the sf-lug.org in any
danger of becoming a Windows user group.

I am one of the people (among many) in the Bay Area that knows of your
various, ongoing, active involvements with (only a sample listing)
linuxmafia.com (including opening your own home for Cabal),
sf-lug.org, svlug.org, berkeleylug.com, dvlug.org (which you host for
Robert Wall and I) and there are of course other activities, public
and private, that I am not aware of.  Many people have benefited
because of the work you do and the money you spend out of your pocket.
 I am one of them.  Acknowledgement from time to time of your generous
contributions are well earned and deserved.  Perhaps this sentiment is
not voiced often enough.  I am very sorry you felt it necessary to
bring it up here at least in part if not entirely provoked by my

Thank you very much for your efforts!


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