[sf-lug] [LINUX USER QUESTIONAIRE] How did you become a Linux user?

Rohen Peterson peterson.rohen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 15:11:08 PDT 2009

Question #2:

I heard about Linux and decided to check it out by diving in head first. I
found out it was easier to manage my C and Java coding, applications for
everything were free and fairly good, and I got interested by messing around
with a new type of toy. I got addicted to the options, the security, the
infatuation with the ability to fix software bugs myself.

Rohen Peterson

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 14:17, Edward Janne <tigakub at mac.com> wrote:

> Wow! Thanks guys for your great responses! As far as my paper is concerned,
> there are no wrong answers. All points of view are valuable. No response is
> wrong, including those that question my approach or motivations. It is
> really about trying to see things from your subjective points of view and
> how they relate to group identity (in so far as one can be said to exist).
> I forgot to mention in the first post that I will not use your real names,
> or post any personal information (beyond your responses to my questions) in
> my paper unless you specifically give me permission to do so. I will use
> names picked at random. If you would prefer I use your real name or any
> other identifier, please let me know.
> I also must mention that the point of this study is not for me to be an
> aloof and disconnected observer, but to be a "participant-observer". That
> basically means that I have to acknowledge to myself that I cannot expect to
> be entirely impartial, and that by my very presence in the group, I will
> affect group dynamic to some degree. That's ok as long as I try my best to
> keep that to a minimum.
> Here's the next question, but please continue to respond to the first one
> if you like.
> -edj
> Question 2: How did you become a Linux user?
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