[sf-lug] [LINUX USER QUESTIONAIRE] How did you become a Linux user?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jul 28 15:14:38 PDT 2009

Quoting Edward Janne (tigakub at mac.com):

> Wow! Thanks guys for your great responses! As far as my paper is  
> concerned, there are no wrong answers. All points of view are valuable. 
> No response is wrong, including those that question my approach or 
> motivations.

However, in the name of saving wastes of time and trouble, please
consider asking only questions not founded in erroneous assumptions.
In my experience, most people here are generous with their free time,
but need to expend it where it will do the most good.

> I forgot to mention in the first post that I will not use your real  
> names, or post any personal information (beyond your responses to my  
> questions) in my paper unless you specifically give me permission to do 
> so.

I deliberately put my real name and e-mail address at the bottom of
everything I say online for a good reason:  If I'm willing to say it at
all, then I'm willing to stand behind it by name.  So, yes, if you quote
me, please do use my real name.

> I also must mention that the point of this study is not for me to be an 
> aloof and disconnected observer, but to be a "participant-observer". That 
> basically means that I have to acknowledge to myself that I cannot expect 
> to be entirely impartial, and that by my very presence in the group, I 
> will affect group dynamic to some degree.

Hey, there's a long history of that, e.g., when the Samoans played 
pranks on Margaret Meade because they thought she was a credulous prat,
and she reported them as real research results.  ;->  

> Here's the next question, but please continue to respond to the first  
> one if you like.
> -edj
> Question 2: How did you become a Linux user?

Hey, Edward, shouldn't you be conducting this survey _off_ the mailing

I mean, you're "affecting group dynamic" in the sense of basically
taking over the mailing list to run your survey _on the list_.
Traditionally, students seeking to get Linux user group participation on
a survey put up a Web form somewhere and ask members to take the quiz

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