[sf-lug] [LINUX USER QUESTIONAIRE] What makes a true Linux user?

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I think a linux user is best characterized by their ability to recognize power and utility as separate from familiarity. We constantly spend time learning new programs and configuration techniques that give us more power to do what we want. 

An extension of this is recognition of new licensing regimes that allow us to cooperatively build and maintain a massive amount of free software. Using free software licenses we are able to develop and service what the largest and most powerful software companies increasingly cannot. 

Thanks for the question. Next?

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Quoting Andrew E (andrewevansc at gmail.com):

> Questioner: notice the hostility and righteousness. Maybe that's an
> occasional quality of a Linux user? Stuck up nerd?

Oh-oh!  You forgot to call me arrogant.  Which I'm pretty sure puts your
OS-advocacy licence for non-sequitur personal attacks at risk, as I'm
quite sure that's a mandatory component.

(I can't help noticing that you refer to me as a Linux user, presumably
in contrast to you.  Indeed, sonny, been using it as the foundation of my 
computing since '93, including to provide this mailing list facility to
SF-LUG.  Yr. welcome.)

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