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1. Re: [LINUX USER QUESTIONAIRE] What makes a true Linux     user?

As can be seen by the responses to your inquiry. . . we are smart sometimes
elitist and in need of displaying this whenever we can. Hence the quest to
exhibit knowledge having nothing to do with what makes a Linux user a Linux
Not to digress --- A Linux user tends to have been in youth the ones who
took everything apart to see how it works. Later having determined how some
things work asked ourselves how can we make it do ???? something that may
not have been its' original objective.

Now we have an almost infinite option for configuration in our OS [Linux]
WooooHoooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>   1. Re: [LINUX USER QUESTIONAIRE] What makes a true Linux     user?
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> Subject: Re: [sf-lug] [LINUX USER QUESTIONAIRE] What makes a true
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> Quoting Andrew E (andrewevansc at gmail.com):
> > Questioner: notice the hostility and righteousness. Maybe that's an
> > occasional quality of a Linux user? Stuck up nerd?
> Oh-oh!  You forgot to call me arrogant.  Which I'm pretty sure puts your
> OS-advocacy licence for non-sequitur personal attacks at risk, as I'm
> quite sure that's a mandatory component.
> (I can't help noticing that you refer to me as a Linux user, presumably
> in contrast to you.  Indeed, sonny, been using it as the foundation of my
> computing since '93, including to provide this mailing list facility to
> SF-LUG.  Yr. welcome.)
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Always think about positive affirmations before going to sleep. This spirit
guides our subconscious as we sleep and creates our reality.
Giving thanks, for that which has not happened yet, allows a spirit/life
pattern to manifest in our lives.
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