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On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 11:25 AM, Lx Rudis <lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> future plans:
> i've been invited to start making a regular presence at St. Anthony's, and
> have volunteered to do two 4 hour on-sites per month.  right now i'm working
> out what those days will be, and i'll report back as soon as the date/times
> are confirmed - as with the tech fair, i'd love to see SF-LUGgers involved
> in this project.

Thx, and please let this list know about developments!  This is interesting!

> initially, i'll just be inventorying and maintaining our small fleet of
> Ubuntu machines - 9 complete systems.  eventually i hope to add a couple of
> 'older' machines with smaller distros.

We maintain a list here of the equipment to which Lx refers:


This spreadsheet allows us to track our equipment across the several
projects which SF-LUG members are supporting.  This tracking gives us a
sense of strengths and weaknesses of our projects' equipment, and gives us a
feel for the size of our projects.

Currently, for example, we need giga switches and optical mice.  If anyone
knows where we can get some of these pieces of equipment, that would be
great.  We also need a few decent monitors and a few working P4 machines
with at least 512 MB of RAM.

> ryan has reported to me that an increasing number of their clients are
> using Ubuntu and other distros.

This is music to my ears.  And this is also the key benefit of having a
presence at St. Anthony -- the clients there actually use low-spec machines
and are happy with the same!!!  How wonderful to support people who will not
reject otherwise decent machines!

> it's his opinion that these people will make it a point to come in if they
> know another Linux person is on-site.


> if this happens, we'll either establish a "St. Anthony's LUG" or announce a
> 'third monthly meeting' for SF-LUg.

Consistency is so important in dealing with the kinds of clients who come to
St. Anthony.

Lx, thanks for doing such a wonderful job leading the St. Anthony project!
It is such a great service to St. Anthony, to their clients, and to this

c u
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