[sf-lug] geoprocessing help [Re: sf-lug Digest, Vol 42, Issue 10]

John Reilly jr at inconspicuous.org
Wed Jul 15 15:51:28 PDT 2009

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> Hi,
> I am working on a website that works with maps API etc. Is a free
> software people are developing in Brazil and I want to start testing it
> for SF.
> I was wondering if anyone here could give me a hint of where I can get
> some data about San Francisco. If there is any geoprocessing department
> of universities here that I could get in touch to get this data.
> Pretty much I am looking for latitude and longitude data for the
> neighborhoods of SF. For a city in Brazil we could get this data with
> the university department of geoprocessing, so I think some university
> here might be able to help me out with it.
Hi Toya,
A good place to start looking for geospatial data is the USGS and 
various agencies that use spatial data.

Have a look at

Those are just a few links I pulled from 
http://www.google.com/search?q=usgs+spatial+data  because I can't 
remember anything more specific - its a few years since I've done any 
spatial stuff, and I mostly used commercial or private datasets, but I 
know there is lots of data on the USGS sites in various formats. 

Good luck,

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