[sf-lug] geoprocessing help [Re: sf-lug Digest, Vol 42, Issue 10]

John Reilly jr at inconspicuous.org
Thu Jul 16 13:07:21 PDT 2009

John Reilly wrote:
> A good place to start looking for geospatial data is the USGS and 
> various agencies that use spatial data.
Another thing that I probably should have mentioned is that you should 
probably look for WGS-84 based data, although I'd guess that most 
lat/long data out there is WGS-84.  That is the lat/long co-ordinate 
system used by GPS.  Believe it or not, there are several lat/long 
systems and the same point on earth may have a different lat/long 
depending on the co-ordinate system used.  More info at 


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