Lx Rudis lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 15 13:20:54 PDT 2009

hello sfluggers!

it's time for the next 'tech faire' down at st. anthony's on golden gate avenue!

as with last couple of times, we'll be setting up a table with 6 Ubuntu stations, and will also assist some folks with installation of Ubuntu [or other small-footprint distro's on old underpowered machines].

additionally, we're hoping that this tech faire will result in a more continuous presence by SF-Lug down there, or possibly a new arm of our mighty organization.

as with the last couple of events, this is an open call for volunteers to help out with the ubuntu table, help evangelize linux and send some underprivileged folk back home with working computers and a new starry outlook on life, finally released from the demon clutches of that nasty old Microsoft thing.  

here's what i know at current time:
name of event: Tenderloin Tech Fair 
date: Saturday, July 25th.
location: uh, 460 golden gate, near taylor in downtown SF.

load in/set up: 8am
start time of event: 10am
end time of event: 4pm
[volunteers don't need to participate in set-up, although i'm sure we'd be happy for the help.  although we'd like to see people helping for 2 hours, there's no minimum - if you can just show up to say 'hi', that's great, it helps us show them that we are a community.]

yes.  pizza and various tasty and healthful snacks will be provided.

do you need to bring anything?  
no, but you may want to bring copies of 'useful' distros.  mostly we need people to be ambassadors for linux and help out people who can't legally use windoze on their computifiers.

any questions or comments?  let me know!

your humble mail list admin; lx

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