[sf-lug] Installing Apache, PHP

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Feb 9 01:46:20 PST 2009

Quoting Andrew E (andrewevansc at gmail.com):

> I've been on the list for awhile, but this is my first post.


> I am going to install PHP on a Linux/Apache server. The newest version
> of PHP is 5.2.8 .  Has anyone run into any issues that I should be
> ready for when installing this version of PHP or any general snags?

As far as making PHP _work_, inside Apache httpd, is concerned, most
Linux distributions make it really easy, configuring on the glue
conffile stuff for you automatically just by virtue of installing the
distribution's packages.

By contrast, attempting to install non-distribution-issued files, such
as tarballs of PHP, necessitates doing all that work yourself (which is
one of many reasons to avoid going outside distro packages if you can
possibly avoid it).  I'm assuming this is _your_ Linux/Apache system
you're talking about, i.e., one where you have root authority and are
permitted to install software on it.

Above and beyond just making it work, you might want to spend some time
going over PHP's security.   One place to start:  "PHP" on

> Then comes installing Magento, but that's a whole other can of
> worms...

You'll need to carefully review what Magento requires from PHP5's
configuration.  I don't _think_ any of my security suggestions conflicts
with what the Magento folks list
(http://www.magentocommerce.com/system-requirements), but you should
make sure.

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