[sf-lug] That sad Dell Dimension 2400

jim jim at well.com
Fri Feb 6 19:04:07 PST 2009

   you might try to find a generic case and 
a generic motherboard and see if you can pop 
some working components (e.g. disk drives, 
RAM...) into the machine. the street is a 
good place for cases. 
   i'm interested in finding a motherboard 
that has very low power requirements, is 
fanless, and has a total vertical height of 
1 1/2 inches or less. i'm thinking of 
driving out of san francisco city limits 
to chase this down, maybe go to fries in 
palo alto. 
   you, bobby, and anyone else interested 
in such a trek, are welcome to join me. 
(bobby, you might find a suitable mobo at 
fries, both wrt cost and performance). 

On Fri, 2009-02-06 at 18:32 -0800, Bobbie Sellers wrote:
> Jim Stockford tested the Power Supply for
> me earlier this week after I passed it over to
> him at the February 1 meeting.  It was not
> doing much in the power supply department
> he found.
>     So I hopefully ordered a upgrade PS
> for less than $29 including shipping
>      This afternoon after only a few days wait
> I got the new power supply and hooked it
> up but got no good results.  No results at
> all besides fans and the power light coming on.
>       Daniel G. reminded me at the last
> SF-LUG meeting that the PS failure could take out
> the hard drive as well as the motherboard.
>     I managed to pull the drive and got it into
> a USB case and plugged it into my Inspiron and
> all the files are there.  Hoorah!
>     So it looks like the Dimension is an former computer.
>     The case size form factor is good but still tight with
> only one case side removable and the other riveted in
> place.  The Dimension's hard drive is mounted vertically
> at front of the computer which is a bit awkward to deal
> with and fitting a second hard drive requires buying a
> specially made bracket  so I think I have to find a
> new box of a similar form factor without the negative
> aspects of the Dell box\ and a fresh motherboard.
>     later
>     Bobbie Sellers
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