[sf-lug] meeting at Euro Cafe 01/19/2009

bobbie sellers bliss at sfo.com
Tue Jan 20 10:41:50 PST 2009

	This was a relative small meeting but raised
some interesting matters.  We were finally treated to
a long discussion of portable application development.

	Jackie is having a problem as she mentioned here
getting Totem to display the subtitles in English from
a Spanish language version of a film.

	We had visitors from France and Australia.

	As we trouped out the door about 8 PM the
manager made sure to tell us that our group was
very welcome and he hoped to see us again.  Jim
provided him with e-mail contact information.

	Sorry to be using Windows but I had a system
stop working and the release of Linux I have on this
laptop found it difficult to use the Ethernet card* to
get online.  I get lots of e-mail and wanted to clear
out the ISP so I was able to get the Windows working
and that is what is going on.
	*Farallon pcmcia card.

	Hope to figure out what is going on with
the Dell Dimension 2400 soon but it cannot even
show the BIOS screen.

	Bobbie aka bliss at sfo dot com

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