[sf-lug] meeting at Euro Cafe 01/19/2009

jim jim at well.com
Tue Jan 20 14:43:59 PST 2009

   thanks for the neat report (neat as in "keen", 
i.e. good). 

   data point: it's "mikki" rather than "jackie". 

   let us know what you discover is the problem with 
the dell dimension 2400. 
   if it's a hardware problem, there may be some 
among us who have working pieces to give you. 
(seems to me dell cases make homebrew hardware 
fixing painful, but maybe someone knows take-apart 
secrets for dell's construction.) 

On Tue, 2009-01-20 at 10:41 -0800, bobbie sellers wrote:
> 	This was a relative small meeting but raised
> some interesting matters.  We were finally treated to
> a long discussion of portable application development.
> 	Jackie is having a problem as she mentioned here
> getting Totem to display the subtitles in English from
> a Spanish language version of a film.
> 	We had visitors from France and Australia.
> 	As we trouped out the door about 8 PM the
> manager made sure to tell us that our group was
> very welcome and he hoped to see us again.  Jim
> provided him with e-mail contact information.
> 	Sorry to be using Windows but I had a system
> stop working and the release of Linux I have on this
> laptop found it difficult to use the Ethernet card* to
> get online.  I get lots of e-mail and wanted to clear
> out the ISP so I was able to get the Windows working
> and that is what is going on.
> 	*Farallon pcmcia card.
> 	Hope to figure out what is going on with
> the Dell Dimension 2400 soon but it cannot even
> show the BIOS screen.
> 	later
> 	Bobbie aka bliss at sfo dot com
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