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Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at gmail.com
Sun Oct 5 22:02:53 PDT 2008


On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 9:41 PM, jim <jim at well.com> wrote:

>   i am generally supportive of your various
> efforts, including DTP. i am not comfortable
> with the video idea for this python study
> group. i think it will be a distraction of
> a nuisanceful sort. i hope you do not bring
> your camera.

Okay, with Jim and Alex, that makes two, and so I am seeing the beginning of
a movement here against the camera.  I might bring the camera and shoot
before the class, but not shoot during the class.  Jim, it might be really
interesting and helpful for you to comment on the fact that shooting is a
disruption.  See, I have the potentially odd position of being a part of the
community that I am documenting on video.  That creates no end of troubles
for me.  But I do hope that you all will recall that we (the broader FOSS
community) are making fundamental changes to the software industry, and that
the software industry is bringing fundamental changes to the broader
society.  Imagine a world without Google.  It's kind of a boring, slow
place.  Who among us would like to return to the world of 20 years ago?
Probably few on this list.  So remember that in 20 years, which is not that
far away, people will want to know how we did things, and what we thought
about.  So documenting this stuff is important, IMHO.

In 20 years, we will probably have commercial implementation of quantum
computing, and that will once again change everything.  We are at a crucial
time in our history, and IMHO it is worthwhile to document our activities.
Many of the members of our broader community are getting older, and we need
to preserve their images for posterity.  I'm not referring here to anyone in
our Python class per se, but the concept.  Sure, there are tons of classes
such as this one, and sure you might say that Asheesh's class is
pedestrian.  But maybe not.  I personally think that there are some elements
of Asheesh's class that are really interesting and worth documenting.

For one thing, corporations in the FOSS space get lots of press, but lots of
people have urged me to document community work, too, so that the corps
don't get all of the press / media / video time.  That is rather important,
if I may say so.

Just my two cents.

>   asheesh, i think, should have several
> votes to my one, so if he likes the idea,
> you know how i stand (not liking but
> accepting asheesh's override).

I like the idea of consensus, and Jim and Alex certainly have contributed a
lot to this list and to SF-LUG, and so it is sufficient for me to know that
Jim would not like the camera for me to pack it away before class starts.
But I would still like to have a dialogue with Jim and Alex to see if a few
more short exchanges might change their perspective.  Ultimately, though, if
by the start of class I have not changed anyone's mind, I will simply pack
the camera away.
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