[sf-lug] Volunteers needed to install open source tech at long haul in Berkeley

Swollen Tongue swollentongue at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 13:18:41 PDT 2008

I am not connected with the long haul but I am passing this on to other
linux/FOSS groups.



*Help setup a secure LAN on Saturday*
Are you a radical techie or just radical-techie-curious?

What are you doing on Saturday September 6th from noon until 6 pm? If you
are free (and live in the Bay Area) a group of friends of the Long Haul are
going to go to the Long Haul and help them set up a new public computer lab.
Our intention is to take the donated computers (numbering about a half dozen
now but hopefully at least a dozen by Saturday) and create a usable, secure,
and open (as in Open Source Software) computing environment for the users of
the Long Haul.

Some of the technologies we are planning on implementing include

-Full Hard Drive encryption

-Firefox Kiosk mode


-OTR and pidgin

Anything you have to bring the project including your time, your old
computers, your ideas would go a long way to helping out the Long Haul
during this time of recovery from a raid, whose cause has yet to be
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