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This is a nice story about Cathy and Earl Malmrose.  As many of you know,
they own Zareason.com, which is a local GNU-Linux dealer whic sells _no_
Microsoft products at all!  Also, they actually sell a keyboard with a
Ubuntu super key, so there is no Microsoft Windows super key on the keyboard
at all.  IMHO, that last item alone is worth a digg.

I'm sure that many of you have seen Cathy and Earl at Bay Area GNU-Linux
events, because they are very active and very generous with their time,
despite the fact that they have 4 children, which certainly keeps them
busy.  So this is my request to help a local commercial mom-n-pop effort
that has helped us out a lot.  They have spent hours and hours working on
the public middle school project on Geary street, and we literally would not
have that lab without the Malmrose family.  Even one of their sons, Vincent,
was good enough to make his Eagle Boy Scout project into a support project
for the school, and so it would be great if we could help them get some Digg
publicity in this story written by Linux guru Carla Schroeder.

Thanks either way for considering my request!


Here is the orignal link:


c u
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