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On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 6:03 PM, Blake Haggerty
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> I Agree whole heartedly with expanding and growing the group.


> That being said I (selfishly) just don't know about St. Anthonys as a great
> regular meeting place.

Oh.  Sorry.  I was not clear.  I am not proposing that all of our meetings
be held there.  Just one meeting per month.  We would use this one meeting
per month at St. Anthony to do special outreach to the non-profits and
individuals that come through St. Anthony and meet at St. Anthony.  The
other meetings each month would be held elsewhere.  These would be special
installfest, hand-holding, Linux demo type of meetings.

> I think its a perfect place for us to do outreach, installfests...etc

Right.  That is all this would be.  And only once per month.

I agree that socializing and beer drinking are big draws for people to show
up and feel as if they are a part of our group.  It is relaxing.  It helps
people unwind.  It forms bonds.  All of these things are really important
for us as a group.  I am merely talking about doing outreach once per month.

thx for the thoughts!
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